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i hate him i wish he got hit by a car


Ok not gonna make this any big intro or anything but I’ve seen all the messages, all the submits, everything. Let’s just say we’re gonna start FRESH from here on out. Like I said awhile back, I had been always planning on coming back and uploading for you all, same with Perla, but now I’m officially done with school and stuff I had planned right after school was over so of course I’m going to be online a lot more :) Now!! I’m going to start making LONG imagines. *cough* working on one right now *cough* So be expecting those. BUT ALSO…. I’ve been slacking on this blog mostly because I’ve been working on a fanfic that’s doing pretty well I guess you could say and since I’m the only writer of the three of us that created and make sure each chapter has 3k words or more, I’ve been needing to dedicate some time to that but now of course, like I said, I’m back. SO hugs, kisses, whatever you want, I’m back so yerrrp :) bye now. 

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do you guys miss us?

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you still post right

kjwnejnew OMG, We’re trying so hard. We’re both really busy but I have a few things in mind to bring to this blog so just stay tuned ;) We’re not done with this blog!!! -Paola

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Unf your blog is perfect

Thank you bby ♥

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Can u post more I'm getting tired of the three I've read

Yes sorry we havent been updating, me and paola are really busy :/

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can you do a really dirty imagine please?:)

Trying to see what I can post up for everyone :)

Chapter Five: ”You know how I like it…”